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They co-existed!

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful land rich in culture and history
Protected by the mountains and salinity of the seas
Lived flora and fauna
Size, Shape and Color did not matter to the place they lived.
Quite often,
the animals said, they could have better things here
like the land on the west, far far away from them across cliffs and blue seas.
The animals who wanted to come to the power to rule the kingdom,
talked about how bad things were and promised to give what they didn’t had and how bad they all lived.
If that was not enough,
the animals and birds, small and big
talked with their family and friends
about how better the kingdom would be…
Some left the kingdom, to hunt for more, better life and didn’t even return back
after being supported and skilled by the money from the kingdom’s treasure.
Some aspired to leave soon, and found happiness when they got a chance to leave.
But one day, an animal who was loved by the most said,
we could be much better to appreciate the richness of our culture and history that our land holds,
and every animal had an opinion that he should leave the kingdom,
if he thinks there can be scope of improvement in this place to live.
And then I wondered about those,
who complained every day with the help of broadcasting birds, from where the world could see,
about everything they didn’t have..
and to be true,
animals in the power who ruled the kingdom were the ones who be the first to mention this..
But, this is how they co-existed!
And that was the beauty of the kingdom indeed.
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