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Fantasy of the setting sun!

Another day has gone by, the sun is about to set. I could see this colourful ball fall behind the school again. But looking at those sun rays passing through the leaves, I wondered it has almost been a year, when I had time to take a pause and look at the setting sun from the window at my home.
Last time on 31st December when I usually spend time writing a letter of gratitude to people I meet, I had spent a few minutes staring the sun. This time I have already made a note to myself, no gratitude letter, not at least for this year.
2015 was too fast, to look back, pause and appreciate the beauty. Every step that was taken went wrong. Starting from relationships to friendships to work and everything in between that possibly could go wrong went wrong.
Suddenly, I could think of the days, years back, maybe in early 2000. When I use to stare at my school from my window, thinking about what I would be doing when I would be 23-25. Wondering possibly I would be an engineer.
Back in 2000, the stare at the sun was more direct, with only the school, a tree and a building in between. Now in 15 there is a huge hospital that blocks the view, and more buildings to make sure, all I could see is sun rays.
15 years have passed by, and to club it up quickly had the best of all, and also those bad times. Made love to the girl on a foreign land, hugged mom after surviving from the train blasts, survived a free fall from the mountain, had a broken heart, had a friendship that I screwed up, made friends who stood up for a lot of things.
15 years gone by with the sun setting down each day over my school. But one thing is for sure, I know I am chasing dreams, dreams that I dream of looking at the sun setting behind the school. I End up talking to myself every time, dreaming something that looks nothing less than a fantasy.
Today, again, I am staring, I dream and I am waiting when again I will take a pause to look back and feel good about everything that happened and start chasing the fantasy again.

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