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Wish I knew her place

On a Sunday afternoon,
I walked the garden with a purpose, with it I carried a handful of sugar placed in the cup.
I tried to find the ants that I could feed
I saw a few of them, trying to rush here and there,
I dropped a few grains of sugar in front of them.
One grain dropped in front of her.
The tiny creature could literally stand over it
She paused for a second with a total disbelief,
as if she had found a goldmine.
Then she got down and ran here and there and came back to the sugar grain.
She did this quite a couple of times,
and I really wished I knew her place
where she stays.
I would have picked the grain and dropped it there,
so that she could have lunch.
Then I walked a few steps ahead saw few of them trying to pick up a dead insect and take it home,
I waited till they took it home..
So, I could know her place.
But In the meantime, she called her friends, they picked the sugar grain and started running away.
Wish I knew her place
So that I could go and meet her every day.

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