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Re-Learning to walk

She walked slowly, each step subconsciously trying to balance the body on the train track avoiding her foot to touch the ground beneath. The setting sun had already mercilessly killed the green grass under her feet, she wanted to save the dried leaves from further damage that were waiting to die. All this effort she took, trying to unlearn the teachings what India gave to her as she tried to calm her mind.


The very saying we all are one, is screwed up the moment you want to get married. The very saying we care is compromised. We act more than we do. It had always been like that, but the moment reality strikes us, our perception exponentially increases. We are more philosophical than ever before.

From the way she dresses, the way she walks to the covering of the strap on the shoulder. The friend lists are scanned, so are the times when she goes for an outing. Every minute detail audited. Similar to the way accountants go with their client’s balance sheets.

Everything against you is justified, every single word and action, simply justified. Funnier is when the women are the first ones to counter your credibility. The world is competitive or judgemental, and that is not a problem. The challenge is when you are forced to change the way you think, when you were trained to think like an open independent women over the years. One day, you have to be back to the early 19th Century.

Families are scared about their rituals, their beliefs going up for a toss, if they managed to cross souls beyond the man-made borders of the land. The question is don’t we need to change? After all the beliefs & rituals are the part of the community and the lifestyle of that particular age. Where knowing someone 500 miles away was only through superhuman powers or people who had lifestyle of more than the average individual. Things have changed, but the power of mind has questionably shrunk.

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A few minutes later, she figured out that stepping on the tracks without touching the ground, is much easier than trying to unlearn and understand the concepts of modern India, where we picture an imaginary world socially and practice the virtues of racism, egoism and fascism personally.

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