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Why you can’t feel the power of Love?

A ride back to home with the songs played from 106.4 FM, and the purposeful traffic, which helps extend the 5 minute ride to a 20 minute one. As if it knows, I love this time alone in the car, thinking about the things around me. A Sunday back, I was talking with my cousin about marriage, and we end up talking about how materialistic relationships need to be, for them to survive.

Even though she has a love of her life, it becomes so difficult to come out of the comfort zone and risk yourself to be the part of uncertainty. Not her fault, but the way we were all raised. We need to be safe, even Chankya Niti says so, you need to safeguard yourself first.

The question that hassled me was, why don’t we believe love can conquer things? May be because we did not see someone solve problems with love and care. We have always seen our dad get mad for smaller things, or may be the only way to solve problems was getting mad and speak nonsense until they turn out to be worse.

I simply don’t know why at that instance I had Shah Rukh Khan flashed in front of myself, questioning why people love him so much. The million views on his trailer, no wonder there would have been some paid campaigns that would have gone up. Still, one thing for sure, I can’t take anything away from him. He is loved by many. Truly, Madly and Deeply. My question to myself was why? Why is he loved?

Only because he has loved everyone out there, people around him, people beyond the borders more than we can imagine. I am no Shah Rukh Fan, people around me know that. But I strongly believe, his love for things around him, his generosity as pulled back so much love.
Love has been the biggest trait for his success and to overcome the problems he had so far in the life. Trust me if you want to be loved, start loving and caring for people around you. You will see the magic happening.

Good Luck and Cheers!

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