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Beauty of life is in to know that we can’t control everything in our life.

Yesterday, late evening when I took the lift to the basement. I couldn’t imagine for myself the way things had unfolded in last 7 years. The music in the lift which was played in the background acted like a catalyst to push me into the shell of thoughts. The ones which were overflowing from all the possible corners of the mind.

Just over 7 years back, On the first day of Engineering vivas, I literally got screwed over a decimal point. I was not in the best of moods. I had walked back to the hostel in frustration while the other students were still waiting for their numbers to screw themselves.

At around 4 pm I started for the Shiva Temple that was a hill besides our college. On the way I had to pass through the college. This is when my friends asked me to wait, because they wanted to join in. Those next 10 minutes waiting there for friends, helps me find the girl whom I’m getting engaged this Sunday.

Into the faintest of my memory, I still recollect a girl with long braids, a typical Indian Kurti, and an expression which justified the stress of engineering vivas. For my good luck, the girl happened to come with us at the Shiva Temple. Not only because our common friends were visiting the temple that day, but also because she had failed to carry her purse that day, so she had no option but to wait for her friends to accompany to the temple. Just one of the other reasons I’m in total love with Shiva.

With me at my diplomatic best, and adding to it a lot of mind games the things soon started moving in a positive direction. Can’t forget the efforts that my friends had taken to make sure the plot was all set. It took around 6 months of phone calls, messages, trying to zip in myself for few seconds talk when we meet in the class. But the money saver was when we had nothing to do but stare at each other during the lectures, from the extreme desks in the classroom.

Post that years went by, no love story is a smooth ride. We lived up to the expectations of relationships, we had hard time together, (look at the audacity we are still exchanging the rings).

We never thought our families would accept us. “Two States” is good in novels, in reality it’s tough. Every day another fight, Every day another expression of insecurity. Over the past few years we were habitual of things going wrong. That is when this acceptance comes as much more sweeter. If you are not of aware of bitter things, we never know how special sweet things in life are.

There are many people who connect, and ask things don’t work, people walk away. Trust me, if they were worth it, they would have stayed in your life. If they were in your destiny, they would have been there beside you. If they really love you, they will be around you no matter if they are breathing or not. I remember just before the last rites of my dad, I looked at him and smiled. My girlfriend saw me and later asked why were you smiling. I said I know his love for me, and I know this is the beauty of life, This is truth, This is the ultimate “Moksh” (liberation). I have witnessed him having it. 

So take a deep breathe and let the negativity go. Believe whatever happens, is for good. It happens in the best of our Karmic Interests. So be at peace and enjoy.

In short, Dekho. Samjo. Hone toh wohi hai, Jo hona hai.

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