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If you have faced a defeat in life, this is for you!

How many times you invested your efforts doing a thing, even when you know in the short term it might not be fruitful?

Very strange, most of us would not spend time on things which are not of immediate effect. It is very difficult to foresee future in investments. Let it be financial investments or personal. The gamble is always on.

Some play it safe, some go for the extra mile. Things are never easier, we usually have to settle for returns as per the time and efforts we invested.

The whole idea behind this investment is learning. The challenge is, can we afford learning?
Learning is always costly. Even when we go to college, it comes with a fee. Yearly tuition fees and the time that it requires to be personally present and keep the files up to date.

Likewise, when we are working on our career, time and money matters. How quickly we anticipate for the money to come in will resonate with the fact, how much growth are we looking at in the long term.

Not all professions are easy to make money, and settle out quickly. It happens over a period of time. If you look forward for short term goals, the results might be relatively low and finite.

The whole picture is about investing efforts to learn, even when the output is slow. This is really a bigger challenge, but if you are up for it. You can achieve a big deal. Check yourself with your current situation.

Are you doing it right?

Think, what do you want?

Analyze, find a solution and take a proper step for growth. At times, choosing to fail(in others view) can be your first step towards success. The bottom line is to believe in self and keep going.

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