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What do you do when you encounter with unnecessary HATE? You keep going on!

Over the period of years, I always had some plans for myself that I wanted to achieve. Coming from a middle class family and setting up aims that were beyond the reach, I often found myself at the end of the jokes.

The initial days were tough, nothing turned out to be cool, every decision taken was genuinely questioned by myself. But slowly things started happening, at times luck favors you after a lot of turmoil.

But when good days are on, it is easy to overlook the nights put behind it. This is when I realized I am not a special case. There are many of us who go through the same. Incidents similar to this at times not only lower our morale, but more often we are dis-aligned from our goals.

We fail to appreciate the efforts that an individual puts in to reach to that level, obviously I know the one who is reading this, is working hard to reach your dreams. On the path towards it and even you after reach milestones, there might be a possibility that you might encounter with unnecessary hate.

This is how you can tackle unnecessary hate:

1. Try to stay away from people who are not providing constructive criticism
We need people who provide criticism, they are the best people for us to grow. But if they lack constructive criticism and if they promote bashing for unnecessary reasons, it is high time you make a move out of there.

2. Not pay attention to words, but seek possible improvement
Haters are good to have at times, cause they might provide us with insights which no one else can. It is not practically possible to stay away from all the people who are hating you. You can find them anywhere, at this time, make sure you absorb only what’s needed.

3. Keep going!
All said and done. One thing that makes you stronger is you are unstoppable, you have already reached miles. The only way left now is going ahead and achieve more of your true potential.

Dekho. Samjo.
Log toh Jalenge.
Aap tike raho. Jalane mei.

Why this story was triggered?
I faced hate issues professionally, which I felt were unnecessary, but then the only realization I had was you need to keep going. If you believe, you are on the right path toward self and social well being.

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