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“It is the way you want to take it” decides your future!

I was standing a few floors up near the huge glass windows. On the outset of the sun trying to set himself down between the buildings and winds not blowing profusely, it was not a romantic evening to be. But it had all the ingredients to be at an individual philosophical best.

Exactly when you are busy staring everything that catches your eyes, to allow your mind to swim in the oceans of thoughts, she walks in and stand besides trying to find something to stare. With the corner of my eyes, fetching to have a view of her, she greets me to initiate a conversation.

That’s all you need, isn’t it?
Someone you adore coming and usher in a talk with you.

As she led me into conversation. My eyes were busy staring the playing children on the streets and my mind thinking of the time when we first met.

This girl, on her first meet seemed very spontaneous, believed in moral values and had really big dreams for herself, she even has it now. But the more I interacted, I realized how she was trying to create a gap between her dreams and the reality.

We had our instances, just a couple of days back. When I was walking in the lobby, reading a blog, I could hear her over joyous conversation which was hard to miss, even for ongoing strangers. There was nothing wrong being joyful, but when we say we don’t have time to do things that we like and value the most. We have lost the essential micro seconds of our lives just making fun of someone. Enjoyment is part of life, but if it is coming between your dreams, you need to streamline priorities.

Not limited to this incident, we had times when she was a silent listener and at times I kept quite for her story to unfold. At times in a rainy night, with traffic jammed roads, and sharing the back seat in an auto, talking about dreams the one that have caught moisture and much more. At times also waiting for her with the parking light switched on, on the road.

We had a share of smiles, share of unnecessary sarcasm, that is how friendship builds right? Dear friend, what matters for now is how do you chase those dreams that you once shared. I might sound rude. I am the one who doesn’t seem to live in the present, but the one trying to live in the future. Now if you want to consider this as “Fukat ka Gyan” (Unasked free knowledge) or my love in your dreams; it is up to you. Like your favorite line that you keep on hitting to everyone, “It is exactly the way you want to take it”. Girl go take it, and chase what you like!

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