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I was walking with my friend,
once who played in my arms…
I got a text from the other one,
Inspiring a thought to write few lines about me and express it in a song.
For a second I stumbled as I walked,
wondering who am I?
I scanned the testimonials I had, so I could know who am I..
Childish and Matured I be
Honest and Lier I be
For some I looked spiritual and for some I was nothing less than a devil breed..
For some I was trustworthy and for some I let them down by breaking the trust in me..
But deep down I am not what I simply sound to be..
I closed my eyes and thought to scan my self, to know the truth that sleeps inside me..
Took a deep breathe,
Visualised if superhero I could be?
I could here soul say something to me..
You are nothing but Immortal..
No attribute, No definition..
Pure infinity…
and an endless stream..
and that is why my name reflects about the immortal me…
P.S. Written this on a request 😁

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