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A Wellness retreat done right at Fazlani Nature Nest, Pune

Endless activities and busy schedules of city life are the catalyst to drain one quickly. Yet, we continue the schedule and fail to realize that we are doing something wrong until we realize that a gateway is necessary to relax. I wanted to have a wellness retreat. It was definitely a long time due. Though, there were suggestions by some that you are too young for one. But, the stats say otherwise, the stress experience by the younger generation these days is equally high. 

I got an opportunity to visit FNN which is located in Vadagaon, Maval, Pune. It is known for its rejuvenating wellness experience. 

Words of Akshay | Akshay Dalvi | Fazlani Nature Nest, Pune
Nature undoubtedly has the best ambience.
FNN Vadagaon, Maval, Pune

It took around three hours to reach FNN from Mumbai. On the way towards Fazlani Nature’s Nest, you will realize the way you are cut off from the city stress and chaos. The roads welcome you with wide open fields on both sides.

My day at Fazlani Nature’s Nest started with visiting the organic fields, they have a wide range of fruits and vegetables grown inside the 68-acres spread of property.

We moved to the Lake View Garden, where the wind makes you feel good and the scintillating view of the mountains is a treat to eyes. The green lawns also have shamianas, where you can have a 360-degree view of the area around you from a 15 feet elevation. After spending time meditating on the shamianas, we moved to the stallion castle. 

Here Fazlani Nature’s Nest hosts more than 4 race breeds of horses.

I was introduced to a unique concept of Equine Therapy. These involve an interaction of the humans and the horses. Not only that, there is a special stable with medical rooms for the horses. The guests can explore the recreational space which has the view of riding arena. After spending time with the horses and listening to the intense clop, was refreshing. 

Fazlani Nature Nest - Words of Akshay | Akshay Dalvi Visit
These young horses are full of energy!

Then, the most exciting part started at the spa center. The fully equipped center of Fazlani Nature’s Nest has every element to take the stress away and detoxify your body. 
We started with a reflexology session, then to my personal favorite of doing a machine assisted shirsasan (head down and feet up). I also had a chance to experience hydrotherapy to let the physical stress go out. It was really effective and I had a great time.

Akshay Dalvi | Words of Akshay | Fazlani Nature Nest
Do things that make you smile 🙂

After having an organic lunch and tulsi water, we moved to spend some time at the amphitheater, cycling and other activities. FNN has 24 rooms if guests plans for a stay and they are well equipped with all the modern amenities, but the best part was the lawn attached to every villa. One can spend time with the cows, birds; has a mud or a sand bath. Walk around and breathe in the fresh air. 

Love the way they move <3

The overall experience at Fazlani Nature’s Nest is exclusive and completely therapeutic. It is a must visit place.

A minimum stay of 3 days will help you cut the stress and feel rejuvenated. I had a great time here, and looking forward to visit again. 

For more information Visit FNN site: http://www.fazlaninaturesnest.com/

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