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Tried my first poem when I was 17, wrote it for a girl who travelled Sweden. Now more than 8 years later I have manage to write for friends, family, and things that happen around me. Looking back to all the words I had jot down, scrambled and simply heart touching (at least this is what the readers say). I thought of putting it up on the site.

I kept my writing going with Facebook Notes, since 2008. In mean time, I did my graduation in Electrical Engineering and founded few startups for living.


Poetry and Short Notes is what I have realized is nothing less than part of my life. Hope you have good time reading.

…more about me

I love writing for people & to make them feel good! I like to write for them when they are down, I like to write whenever I feel connected to something or the other.

…& all I need to write is

Akshay Dalvi - Founder The Must Read
Akshay Dalvi

My phone and some abstract thoughts that wire down when I am travelling or when I am lying in the bed, waiting for the day to end and sun to rise.

You can connect with me, by following me on facebook.com/akshaydalvi or write to me at akshaymahadevdalvi[@]gmail[dot]com.

Have fun!


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